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Let me tell you a little bit about myself, my background, and my passion for America.  My story consists of three components: growing up, working life, and serving others.

Mr. Clair Van Steenwyk AZS’ Citizen GOP US Senate Candidate, is filed with the FEC and is 1st to Qualify for AZS’ August 30, 2016 Primary Ballot with over 10,000+ signatures which is 180% of required amount needed to qualify.

Clair Van Steenwyk grew up in Bellflower. Ca., with Loving parents who saw to it we attended Church and Sunday School every Sunday and of course the normal stuff school, 3 week summer vacations in Ia. visiting family, cruising in my 55 Chevy.  My Father believed if you wanted spending money you earned it, I began working at 9 and worked after school and summers, this gave me the incentive to start my own businesses and manage others, being raised this way was normal then and wish it still was as it’s never to early to teach children responsibility.  I’ve been active at some level in politics since President Eisenhower’s Re Election Campaign in 1956, my wife Jean and I served as PCs, State Committeemen and Delegates to State Conventions, Hosted Candidate Forums,  Political Events for Candidates using my Radio Show, Rallies, Fundraisers as well as circulating petitions and aiding in others campaigns and have been the moderator at events and rallies.

Clair Van Steenwyk AZS’ US Senate Candidate was a Successful Businessman Van worked in the Food Industry since the 1970s and retired as an Executive in 2001, Van and his wife Jean also operated a Christian outreach on LAs’ skid row, Hollywood Blvd., Outreach to a Village in Mexico and a Christian Halfway House in Bellflower, Ca., after retiring he was asked in 2004 to do a Radio Program in LA Political Radio Talk Show Host of Crossroads with Van and has also been on in ID, Fl and Phx. doing Political Talk Radio from a Christian Perspective, these programs were also simulcast around the World.  His expertise was in the field of interviewing politicians, candidates and others on Issues, Policies and Votes vs. their promises made and usually broken.  Van is now retired from Radio in 2014. 

Van’s been asked to run for several years, but believed that his business profession and Christian Outreach plus political activity were enough.  In 2012, Van and Jean, observed most running or serving in office Records vs. their Rhetoric didn’t match, therefore after seeking counsel and a great deal thought and prayer, plus the lack of character of most Politicians helped them make the decision to run for office rather than just helping others an doing interviews etc.  Once they decided to come out of retirement to be the Christian Constitutional Conservative Republican candidate, where compromising the Constitution and Our Freedom isn’t acceptable, knowing we need to negotiate the issues and spending bills not just compromise/surrender to the GOP Establishment, but never negotiate Our Rights away or limit them. Van once again in 2016 doesn’t believe the current GOP list of candidates for the U.S. Senate can fix the country as Records vs. Rhetoric demonstrates, McCain is trying to extend an already lengthy political career, Ward is trying to move up the political ladder and Mr. Meluskey has no record to speak of and therefore can’t build a house on the sand of rhetoric for someone who’s only been in the GOP for approximately 2 yrs. 

The choices in the race for US Senate are very clear, Rhetoric vs. Records Sen. McCain who’s proven to be untrustworthy on Veterans Issues, Border Issues, Legal Status, Patriot Act, Debt Ceiling Raising our Debt etc., Rhetoric vs. Records,  State Senator Ward who sponsored, amended bills in Ward’s Senate ED Committee amendment to HB 2184, Watch Short Video and Ward’s sponsored SB 1038 & voted for the Amended SB 1469 taking authority from AZ Superintendent Diane Douglas and handing it over to the Governor Duceys’ hand picked Board / Czars of Education, Watch Short Video, thereby growing government proving she’s does what the GOP Establishment tells her to do and no reason to believe she won’t do the same in DC., Mr. Meluskey has no record to speak of and therefore can’t build a house on the sand of rhetoric for someone who’s only been in the GOP for approximately 2 yrs. 

This Election Cycle is Critical for the Nation as to whether we sink deeper into a Socialistic Nation or Restore Ourselves to a True Republic form of Government.  We are a Constitutional Representative Republic based on Judeo-Christian principles, yet are being dictated to by a federal government that seemingly ignores the Constitution at every turn.  I measure our Constitution against the laws Congress continues passing having no authority behind them, which is not only disappointing but also violates the Constitution and their Oaths.

The solution to the nation’s problems is to bring the Federal Government into Compliance with the U.S. Constitution. Thank you for taking the time to read this statement and hope you’ll join us in our goal as well as share with your Friends and others as well.

To request Mr. Van Steenwyk to speak with your groups please contact on site: www.vanussenate.com and use Contact Button or Scheduler Ron Gosselin by phone @ 602-740-4165 or email: scheduler@vanussenate.com

God Bless You All;






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